Do you have what it takes to write for Pure Wander, an alternative group travel blog? We are always looking for new and unique experiences to offer to our readers. Whether you are a mom or dad in a family that saves their pennies to do one special trip a year or someone who loved getting all their friends together for a big adventure, we want to hear from you. Please read our writer guidelines carefully to determine if you have that special piece that we are looking for.

If you are representing a company/business of any kind, are a SEO company or a PR firm, please refer to our “Work With Us” page instead.

Pure Wander features articles that concentrate on types of vacations (urban, outdoors, etc), some age groups and travel tips.  We do not focus on soley on budget travel, luxury travel, adventure travel, or anything other than just authentic travel in groups of three or more. We also do not accept reviews of any kind, as we have staff members do these for us. But if you think you have something very different on a brand new hotel/product, do give us a heads up!

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We accept submissions ranging between 600 and 1,000 words. That being said, not every piece is a feature; we also accept pieces that are relevant to recent developments and practical travel information. All submissions should be sent to [email protected]. Please submit your complete article as an attached Word document for consideration. We will also consider a well thought out pitch if it shows you’ve done your research and understand our mission.

Articles submissions must have:

    • Explanation of what the activity or location offers a travel group group and why, with authority links and references ( millennials? multi-gen? family?)
    • Specific and intimate details about the trip with a set angle—no broad travel guide overviews about what to do, but real-time encounters. It has to be a special ‘top 10’ article for us to accept.

In your email, please include the following:

          • Your full name
          • A brief overview of your background and experience
          • Proposed article title, summary and word count
          • A short two or three line bio & photo
          • Links to your blog, clips, or other work
          • Social media contact info such as Linkedin page, Facebook page, and/or Twitter handle (so we know you’re real!)

Subject of the email should be “Article Submission.” We will do our best to respond to every message within 2 weeks. If your work is accepted, you will be asked to submit accompanying photos which you have the rights to share. Pure Wander retains all rights to accepted pieces and content cannot be used elsewhere.

Tips for writing a spectacular must-read feature:

  • Originality: Every inch of the planet has been covered in a travel piece somewhere at some point in time. Try to see your trip from a fresh perspective and give us a new take on the same old travel.
  • Keep it specific: Assume that our readers live on the moon. They know absolutely nothing about geography or where places are relative to one another—or the best way to get there. Discuss it all! Also, there are often several articles lurking in just one trip. Take the time to really hash it out and tell our readers about the intimate details they won’t learn about through a Google search.
  • Destination: Our writers are well traveled, but they haven’t been everywhere! Take a look at what we already have covered on the website. We are more likely to accept an outstanding submission if it relates to a place that we haven’t thoroughly covered yet.
  • Be an authority: Why do you know so much about this trip? Probably because you have done it before. Show our readers that you have really been there.
  • Avoid Clichés: Don’t fall back on the common language used to describe new sights. Tell us what was so special about it in your own words. Don’t forget sounds, smells, and the general atmosphere of a place—those are uber-important as well. Try to avoid words like “exciting”, “fun”, and “nice”.


Avoid articles about “Mexican Festivals” or a piece called “My bachelorette in Mazatlan, Mexico”. Instead, show us something with the title “Experiencing Nighttime Festivals with with 30-somethings in Mazatlan, Mexico”. We hope to build a big library of fun ideas, so the more specific the better!

Another idea is staying away from ‘UK Adventures with Grandparents” or “Foggy London with the Fam”. We rather see something like “Exploring London’s Underground Art Scene with a Crew”.